RST 2016 Program
Friday October 28, 2016
  Hall #127 Hall #101
9:00 Registration (9:00-17:00) in Room #127  
10:00 Opening Ceremony – Hall #127  
10:30 Keynote Speech:  Chile Experiment in Landmines, Dr. José Gallardo, Catholic University of the North, Chile  
11:30 Coffee Break – Hall #127  
13:00 Paper Session-1: Sensor Technology SAC Meeting
  Muhammad Aly and Mohammed Ashraf, Alaa Khamis, “GPR and EMI Information Fusion Approach to Landmine Detection”, InnoVision Systems, Egypt  
  Ezzat A. Elmoujarkach and Essam M. Banoqitah, “GAMOS Based Simulation Using Gamma Back-Scattered Photons Count Method for Mine Detection”, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia  
  Mohamed Elhefnawy, Josaphat Tetuko and Sri Sumantyo, “A Review on Designing Antenna Arrays for Long Range Synthetic Aperture Radar”, October 6 University and Chiba University, Japan  
  Mehr-e-Munir, Shahryar Shafique, Saad Hassan K iani,Umer Farooq, ” Miniaturized Microstrip Patch Antenna For Communication System & Mobile Application”,  Iqra Ntional University, Pakistan  
  Poster: Khalid Alsatti, “A Review of Mines and Detection Techniques”, King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia  
14:00 Lunch Break
16:00 Industrial Session  
   Taqnia Robotics Co. SAC Meeting
   InnoVision Systems  
   MENA Robotics  
18:00 Dinner in Hall #127
Saturday October 29, 2016
  Hall #127 Hall #144
9:00 Registration (9:00-13:00) in Room #127
10:00 Minesweepers Competition Tour
11:00 Keynote Speech: Robotics for Societal Good: Humanitarian Technologies, Sustainability, and Public Policy Challenges
Prof. Dr. Raj Madhavan, Humanitarian Robotics Technologies, LLC, USA
12:00 Coffee Break – Hall #127
13:00 Paper Session-2: Robotics  
  Alaa Khamis, Mohammed Ashraf and Ahmed Abdulbaky, “Landmines and UXOs in NWC: A Domain Review”, InnoVision Systems, Egypt  
  Ahmed M.ELDakrory and Mohammad Tawfik , “Utilization of Neural Network and the Discrepancy between it and Modeling in Quadcopter attitude”, University of Science and Technology, Zewail City  
  Ahmed Abdel Hamid, Amr Nazih, Mohammed Ashraf, Alaa Khamis , “UGV Locomotion System for Rough Terrain”, InnoVision Systems, Egypt ROS Tutorial
  Ibrahim A. Hameed , “Motion Planning for Autonomous Landmine Detection and Clearance Robots”, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway  
  Ahmed M.ELDakrory and Mohammad Tawfik , “Identifying the Attitude of Dynamic systems using Neural Network”, University of Science and Technology, Zewail City  
  Mohammed Ashraf and Alaa Khamis , “Design of Robot Wheels for Rough Terrain – A Multi-criteria Optimization Approach”, InnoVision Systems, Egypt  
14:00 Lunch Break
16:00 Success Stories: Dr. Frank Podd, University of Manchester, UK
17:00 Closing Ceremony